The Melo verse is an augmented virtual reality space for the exploration Block Chain Crypto NFT culture.

The creation of The MELO VERSE will have a majority of African and LATIN/ASAIN creators in order to give opportunity and representation to POC in technology, along with a safe space for the Diaspora to virtually learn, connect, and build. There will be both educational and recreational NFTs, avatars, digital real estate, and transportation. In order to achieve this, we will be incorporating the use of the most efficient Blockchain technology which should lower membership gas fees.

"The Blockchain technology will also be enhanced by community miners in order to keep the platform decentralized"

About Us

The Melaverse Marketplace will be the digital marketplace where members of The MELO VERSE can purchase and trade powers, tools, digital real estate, transportation, and NFTs with the use of tokens (crypto), Cashapp, ACH, and the featured MELO VERSE gift card.

The MELO VERSE gift card can be purchased with cash and used in The MELO VERSE Marketplace.

This is done in order to provide the opportunity for the disenfranchised to be able to have access to the platform.This will enable the encouragement for the growth and interest in technology for demographics that are not normally exposed to this information.

There will also be the creation of V erch (Virtual Reality Merchandise) that will allow members of The MELO VERSE to identify with each other in real life which encourages a sense of community.

our sTrengTh of brand is upheLd by the support of Audience, and we conTinuaLLy sTriVe To deLiVer HighEnd Engaging Videos broadcasted online available on any device.

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